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    The nature and meaning of work are undergoing a profound evolution, one as profound as the shift from the agricultural to the industrial age. We're yearning for work to be a place in which we both experience and express our deep soul and spirit.

    Companies are beginning to recognize employees as whole human beings and are exploring the full range of their needs and desires. Conversations are emerging around spirituality and how to nurture its potential in both the individual and the company.

    Please join us as we explore this exciting evolution. This website is an opportunity to:
    • network and dialogue with emerging
    • leaders in the field
    • access current resources to further
    • your knowledge and interest
    • discover how spirituality can be
    • expanded in your workplace
    • explore the benefits of deeper
    • dialogue
    • form a "Chicken Soup Group" in your
    • organization
    • share what YOU know about this
    • topic and examples of its success in
    • companies
    • call forth new ways of working

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