Martin Rutte - spirituality in the workplace



When we announce to the world who we are, what we want and what we're willing to strive for, we tap into our deepest resources, and the great engine of the universe begins to generate on our behalf.


Opening our hearts to another deepens our experience of living.


Creativity, attention to detail, concentration, service and resourcefulness are some of the qualities of craftsmanship. Working with craftsmanship produces deep pride and satisfaction.


Creativity in your work and in your life is the deep expression of your soul. It is your inner vision manifested through spirit. Creativity enriches every moment of your life.


When we are prepared, honest and direct in telling others what we want, and when we allow truth to be the decision maker, people are enrolled in us and we are of service to them.

Extraordinary Results

Committing ourselves to extraordinary results allows us to manage our fear, explore new ways to move forward and tap into a vast reservoir or unknown power, both internal and external.


To be inspired is to breathe in life force, to allow spirit to enter and show us the fullness and joy of creation.


Everyone has their own individual sense of integrity. Integrity defines who we are and who we are in the world. It is at the heart of our being. When we act from integrity, we give value, strength, and meaning to everything we do and everything we are.


As we become more in touch with our intuition and follow its guidance, life flows more easily and naturally. New possibilities emerge beyond the scope of our rational mind, expanding our creative expression and contribution to the world.


Purpose is an organizing principle that guides us in our work. It keeps us on track and motivates us to produce intentional results. Purpose helps us channel our unique potential in order to give our gifts to the world.



Responsibility may appear to come from the outside, but it really comes from the inside. Only we can choose to be responsible for producing the results in our life.


We all have a unique vision deep inside ourselves wanting to be expressed. Becoming clear on what it is and having it happen brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.