Martin Rutte - spirituality in the workplace

Martin Rutte


    Speeches & Workshops Offered by
    Maida Rogerson and Tim Clauss

    Chicken Soup for Your Soul

    Whether at work or at home, there is a growing awareness that the hurried, stressful way that most of us live our lives is not providing the deep satisfaction that we seek.

    Using stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, co-authors Tim Clauss and Maida Rogerson share heartwarming examples of real people from today's workplace. With special emphasis on acknowledgment, compassion, creativity and purpose, Tim and Maida provide an inspiring and entertaining look at our common humanity, and share some suggestions for finding more success, peace and fulfillment in today's busy world. (Time: 45 - 60 minutes)

    Simple Values, Simple Truths

    Perhaps at no other time in recent history has there been such a need to find a renewal of those values that provide balance, meaning and deep nurturing in our work and in our lives.

    Using stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, co-authors Maida Rogerson and Tim Clauss provide a seminar that focuses on soul-strengthening values and how to integrate them in your work life.

    Through relevant examples, lively processes, and heartfelt discussion, participants will be encouraged to share insights and create uplifting possibilities for greater success at work. Topics include creativity, acknowledgment and purpose. The workshop will rekindle spirits and promote a more humane work environment. (Time: 2-3 hours)