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Martin Rutte


    Strategic Visionary Consulting

    My consulting service helps the executive/manager improve performance by having the company examine three simple, yet profound, issues:

    • Where you are?
    • Where do you want to be?
    • What will take you there?

    I offer the management team an opportunity to take a reflective time-out, in order to take stock of your current condition, your vision and your key strategic objectives.

    My focus is on the process of building a plan, committed to by both the head and the heart, in order to manifest the next phase of your business's potential.

    Results and gains include:

    • An entire management team visits one of their highest volume clients with whom there have been long and unresolved service issues. As a result of the meeting, a $650,000 pending lawsuit is dropped.
    • A team sets 26 "Breakthrough Objectives" to be achieved within 24 months. They achieve every single objective in less time.
    • A president of a start-up company wants an on-going "pipeline" of nine successful products at all times because "every other major successful company in the industry has nine." He suddenly sees his limiting belief and sets the number significantly higher.
    • A major consumer products company has been very successful in its national market for years. They decide its time to go to "the next level." As a result of strategic visioning, they move into the global market.

    Sometimes managers are reluctant to take time out to do this kind of process, because of the everyday pressures of running a business. But you can get trapped by that attitude – trapped into thinking the same way, and most importantly, trapped by your beliefs and thoughts.

    Clients always report that they should have done this type of process years ago. After our session together, they return to work refreshed, renewed and with a new determination and energy to proceed to the next level. In short, this process revitalizes, clarifies and prepares you for the next step.

    Whether your company is in a challenging situation or experiencing great success, it may be time for you to move to the next level. I invite you to consider the following process, which consists of two phases:

    1) One-On-One Interviews

    I meet with each individual member of the team for a minimum half-day interview. This discussion clarifies thoughts, perceptions and ideas in the following three areas, for both the individual's own realm of responsibility as well as for the company as a whole.

    • The Current Condition
    • The Vision
    • The Key Strategic Objectives needed to accomplish the Vision

    All comments from the individual meetings are confidential. Each participant sees only their own notes, encouraging a safe atmosphere in the interviews. People can freely explore and clarify their own thinking without worrying about saying what they think they should, conforming or coming up with immediate answers. During the interview, participants explore new, innovative and productive ideas.

    A summary of the interview is then organized, typed and returned to each person for them to review and clarify in preparation for Phase 2.

    2) The Offsite Retreat

    Team members then participate in a 3-day Offsite. The mornings and afternoons are dedicated to working sessions, and the evenings are devoted to team building through group activities.


    Day 1: Discussion of the "Current Condition"
    Group Activity
    Day 2: Discussion of the "Vision"
    Group Activity
    Day 3: Discussion of "Key Strategic Objectives" Leave for home

    During the morning and afternoon sessions, each person shares their perceptions about the day's topic, using the notes from their individual interviews. There is no group discussion or commenting during each of these presentations, so the meeting moves along quickly and efficiently.

    After everyone has spoken, we continue with group discussion. This is a time for debate, clarification, new insights, and deep understanding. We begin working as a team, using the emerging "collective wisdom" as our foundation. The individual presentations and group interaction help us discover the new common themes.

    During the evening session, the group engages in a fun and creative activity designed to foster individual expression and team building. Mask-making, drumming and golf have all proven to be successful.

    Time Commitment

    Each individual member spends a minimum of one half-day with me in interview and three days at the Offsite.

    Intended Results

    From the interview and Offsite, participants leave with the following:

    1. A consensus on the Current Condition.
    2. An agreement on a common, integrated and shared Vision.
    3. Commitments to the Key Strategic Objectives of an integrated and compelling business plan which accomplishes the Vision (including what will be done by whom and by when.)
    4. A more closely bonded team that has created a new vision, while having fun, and is enrolled and engaged in making it happen.

    Follow-up Sessions

    Two days of follow-up sessions are scheduled to ensure that every issue raised at the Offsite has been assigned a champion and a time-line for accomplishment. Any other un-resolved issues are also addressed.

    My Promise

    My promise to you is that this session will exceed your expectations and that we will together build a stronger foundation for the future of your company.

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