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    How to Create a Chicken Soup Group
    in your Workplace!

    Co-authors Martin Rutte, Maida Rogerson and Tim Clauss have been using the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, as a resource for facilitating Chicken Soup Groups in workplaces across North America and are available to start a group in your company or organization. This is what Incentive Magazine had to say about Chicken Soup Groups.

    Many people have also begun groups on their own. Following are suggestions to help you get started. If you form a Chicken Soup Group, please let us know about your experience at our e-mail:

    People love telling stories. Storytelling is one of the oldest and quickest ways to the heart of the matter. Through stories we share ourselves, our insights, our struggles and our triumphs. In the workplace, stories are useful for imparting wisdom, creating a sense of unity, providing models for positive change, and enhancing creativity.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work is a natural and effective way for you to bring the power of storytelling into your workplace. We suggest you meet for nine sessions, using the nine chapters of the book as a focal point for each of your meetings. Here are 6 easy-to-follow steps to use with co-workers and colleagues to begin a Chicken Soup Group at work.

    1. Set a regular meeting time. You may want to meet over lunch, or take 20-30 minutes at the beginning or end of the work day. Appoint a facilitator each week to keep the meeting focused and purposeful.

    2. All participants purchase a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work at your local bookstore, or use our on-line order form for a discount. Participants should read the current week's chapter prior to getting together.

    3. To begin your meeting, take two minutes to pause, breathe, and visualize a positive and uplifting meeting.

    4. Select a few stories from this week's chapter to read aloud, and encourage participants to share their own personal stories from work. Invite responses, observations and insights from the group. Discuss ways your group might use these ideas and the chapter's theme in your workplace.

    5. Ask participants if they want to make a commitment to do something this week that will make a difference at work.

    6. Take a couple of minutes at the end of the meeting to acknowledge each other, and close with a handshake, hug, or inspiring thought for the week.

    We invite you to share Chicken Soup Groups with friends, colleagues, clients, customers and suppliers, so they can also experience positive benefits in their workplace. You may also use the book as the focus for a corporate retreat, or use a story from the book to open or close a business meeting.


    Chicken Soup Groups are already being held in all kinds of workplaces across North America. Here's what business people, teachers, nurses and line workers are saying about these sessions:

    • We're discovering our similarities and letting go of our differences.
    • People see each other as human beings, not as job descriptions.
    • Stories are inspiring new possibilities and solutions at work.
    • We're developing deeper bonds, trust and a willingness to take risks together.
    • In a safe and nurturing space, insights and lessons show up easily.
    • We've been able to clear up complaints and negativity through laughter and heartfelt sharing.

    "Before the meeting, I had reservations about how my staff would react to it. But the session far exceeded my expectations and was summed up best by one of the participants who said, 'It was the best all-hands meeting we ever had.'"

    Gil Tam
    Grid Contracts & Business Management
    Southern California Edison Company

    "The session was very heart-warming and when people started to chime in about the people here, it really made you appreciate the talented people you work with. And when you really appreciate who you work with you respect them and this makes the whole business aspect more powerful."

    Laurie Lamantia
    Co-Founder Of IdeaVerse
    Lucent Technologies

    Companies that have held Chicken Soup Groups

    • Sony Music Entertainment
    • Southern California Edison
    • Southwest Airlines
    • GTE Directories
    • Federal Express
    • Lucent Technologies
    • And many other small companies, schools, churches and organizations