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    Here is a growing list of Spirituality in the Workplace resources that you can network with or order products from. It is updated regularly, so please visit us again. If you have relevant information to include in this list, please contact Martin Rutte.



    Richard Barrett
    Former Values Coordinator of The World Bank; President of Richard Barrett & Associates; author of the forthcoming book, Liberating the Corporate Soul.

    Let Davidson
    Management consultant; author of the forthcoming, Wisdom At Work.

    Ellen Hayakawa
    President of The Centre for Spirituality and Sustainability; Director of The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability; scientist and environmentalist.

    Krista Kurt & Suzanne Schmidt
    Partners of Renewal Resources focusing on renewal and revitalization for individuals and organizations; personal renewal at work; leading from within; and spiritually renewing the workplace.

    Don McCormick
    (Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University) has taught a class on integrating Spirituality in the Workplace since 1991 at Antioch University, where he is an assistant professor. He has been conducting research on how people integrate spirituality and work and has made presentations on this topic at several national conferences. He has published extensively in scholarly journals in management. He has worked as a researcher, instructional designer and management consultant for The White House, the National Institutes of Health, The American Red Cross National Headquarters, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Mercedes Benz, and Kaiser-Permanente. He has practiced several different spiritual disciplines throughout his life.

    Sharon Drew Morgan
    Author of Selling with Integrity, a book about spiritual values and selling.

    Judi Neal
    Director of The Center for Spirit At Work, University of New Haven, Connecticut; editor of Spirit At Work newsletter.

    Rob Rabbin
    One of the leading speakers and writers on the mystical aspects of spirituality and work.

    John E. Renesch
    A San Francisco-based business futurist and author of numerous books on consciousness and business, including Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing.

    Whitney Roberson
    Leads and sets up "Spirituality At Work" discussion groups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.



    The Association for Spirit at Work
    The Association for Spirit at Work is a non-profit association of people and organizations who are interested in the study and practice of spirituality in the workplace. Their mission is to provide community, information and education for those who are integrating their work and their spirituality and for those who are called to support societal transformation through organizational development and change. Address: 36 Sylvan Hills Road, East Haven, CT 06513 USA

    Spirituality at Work
    Whitney Roberson
    leads and sets up "Spirituality At Work" ongoing discussion groups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for both public groups and in-house company groups.

    The Academy of Management: Management, Spirituality and Religion
    The primary purpose of this special interst group is to encourage professional scholarship in the relationship between management, spirituality and religion.

    The Kripalu Consultants Collective (KCC)
    An organization of consultants, trainers and business professionals, who are committed to the idea and practice of spirit at work. Three times a year they gather in an interesting place to discover and celebrate the deeper levels of spirit within us; share ways to bring spirit to our work; bond with, and support each other; network for fun and profit; create new business partnerships; renew old friendships and make new ones; renew their bodies, minds and spirits.

    The 21st Century Agenda for Business: A Global Resolution for New Corporate Values and Priorities
    This resolution has been signed by business leaders all over the world, including Martin Rutte. Please visit the site by clicking on the title, read the resolution, and add your name if you agree with it. Thank you.