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    In-House Chicken Soup Group

    Offered by Martin Rutte

    Chicken Soup Groups are a natural and effective way to bring the power of storytelling into your workplace. By coming together, we share ourselves, our insights, our struggles and our triumphs, resulting in an increased sense of unity, models of positive change, and enhanced creativity. It's a fun and powerful time for participants.

    Sessions usually last 11/2 to 2 hours and begin with a discussion of the “chicken soup” phenomena, the origin of the books, and their impact on society. Then, we look at current trends in the workplace and the need to re-inspirit workers. Next, we share stories from the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, to encourage discussion about, values, problems and challenges in the current work environment. Participants also share their own stories, allowing insights and solutions to emerge. Action commitments are also made to increase results on the job.

    Chicken Soup Groups have been held in major corporations such as Federal Express, Southwest Airlines, Lucent Technologies, Southern California Edison and Sony Music Entertainment.

    There is a real need in the workplace for people's hearts to be touched and for their souls to be nourished. Contact Martin Rutte to facilitate a Chicken Soup Group in your workplace.

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