Martin Rutte - spirituality in the workplace


    Maida Rogerson
    Co-Author & Speaker

    Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
    New York Times Business Bestseller

    Maida Rogerson is a distinguished actor with a 30-year career in theater and television that has taken her from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from northern Canada to Hollywood. She studied opera in Italy and has performed for Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

    As a writer, speaker and seminar leader, she uses the power of storytelling to move people to greater compassion, creativity and joy in their work and in their lives. She enjoys a deep interest in cultural diversity and has traveled to the Orient, the Middle East, South America and Europe. Wherever she goes, Maida collects soulful stories to help open hearts to the richness and joy of living.

    Maida works with her husband, Martin Rutte, exploring the integration of spiritual values in the workplace. Her contributions to their company, Livelihood, include speech writing, research and workshop development. From her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she also continues her acting career and is completing her third screenplay.

    In the past year, she has traveled extensively throughout Canada and the United States, offering "Chicken Soup Groups" to companies such as Lucent Technologies, Southwest Airlines and GTE Directories.

    Maida's work reflects a deep desire and commitment to help people experience the unity of all humankind. She believes that storytelling, whether through theater, books, seminars or other media, has the power to move, inspire and change us.

    Maida can be reached at or (505) 466-1512.

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