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Martin Rutte


    Here is a growing list of Spirituality in the Workplace resources that you can network with or order products from. It is updated regularly, so please visit us again. If you have relevant information to include in this list, please contact Martin Rutte.

    Antioch University, Los Angeles, California
    Don McCormick, (Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University) has taught a class on integrating Spirituality in the Workplace since 1991 at Antioch University, where he is an assistant professor. He has been conducting research on how people integrate spirituality and work and has made presentations on this topic at several national conferences. He has published extensively in scholarly journals in management. He has worked as a researcher, instructional designer and management consultant for The White House, the National Institutes of Health, The American Red Cross National Headquarters, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Mercedes Benz, and Kaiser-Permanente. He has practiced several different spiritual disciplines throughout his life.

    University of New Haven, Connecticut
    Judi Neal, Ph.D. is Director of The Center for Spirit At Work, University of New Haven, Connecticut; teacher of related courses; and editor of the Spirit At Work newsletter.

    Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Julie Cowie teaches the course, "Spirituality in the Workplace," in the Masters of Management program at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Michael J. Naughton teaches courses on faith and spirituality and work, both in undergraduate theology courses and MBA courses at the Institute for Christian Social Thought and Management, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Santa Clara University, Alameda, California
    Andre Delbecq teaches a course about spirituality in the workplace in the Master's program in the Department Of Organizational Analysis & Management at Santa Clara University, Alameda, California.

    University Of Scranton, Pennsylvannia
    Jerry Biberman is Chair of the Management/Marketing Department of the University of Scranton. Drawing from and synthesizing his experiences of Jewish mysticism, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, yoga, tai chi, and spiritual traditions from around the world, he writes, teaches, speaks, and conducts workshops in the areas of work and spirituality and organization recovery and transformation. He is also founder and track chair of the Spirituality in Organizations track of the International Academy of Business Disciples, and is co- editor of an upcoming special edition on work and spirituality of the Journal of Organizational Change Management. Visit his web page at the University of Scranton at

    Indian Centre for Encouraging Excellence, Bombay, India
    Founder and Honorary Director of the Indian Centre for Encouraging Excellence, NH Atthreya has been a long time student of human excellence in general and corporate excellence in particular. A pioneer business catalyst of over forty years standing, he holds a masters in mathematics and a doctorate in Business Administration. He has been editing a management digest, Management Ideas, since 1963. "Spiritual Culture in the Corporate Drama" is his 25th book title.

    MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice
    University of Bath, (England) School of Management

    This course addresses the challenges currently facing managers who seek to integrate successful business practice with a concern for social, environmental and ethical issues. It looks at the complex relationship between business decisions and their impact on local and world communities and economies, on the environment and on the workplace itself. Participants will develop innovative management practices which are responsive to pressures for greater awareness in these areas. The course offers a wide range of alternative perspectives on business, all of which challenge ideas about where "responsibility" begins and ends. Participants will also learn about management techniques and approaches being developed in leading-edge organisations, and will test the relevance of these ideas and practices in their own workplaces.