Here's What Business Leaders Are
    Saying About Martin Rutte

    To call Martin Rutte a visionary is an understatement, because he is able to build visions into reality. In our case, that vision put our corporation at the forefront of employee empowerment and involvement in the business. Two years after implementing the vision, profits were up close to 50%.

    John Morgan, Past President Labatt Breweries of Europe

    Martin Rutte has an uncanny ability to see the underlying structure of the barriers to success. His non-threatening coaching draws out one's vision.

    Eric H. Helt, Ph. D., Chief Operating Officer
    American Health Network, Ohio

    Mr. Rutte is a rising star in corporate North America . . . a vision guru, who preaches the bottom-line benefits of spirituality to blue-chip giants.

    Casey Korstanje
    The Spectator, Hamilton, Canada

    Martin's presentation uplifted our souls! He walks his talk, he lives his message.

    Richard Barrett
    The World Bank

    Martin Rutte showed me the power of vision in achieving corporate success. Martin is commercially-imaginative and concerned with tangible results. Spirituality in the workplace may sound wimpy, but Martin's approach gets my nod.

    John R. Lumsden, CEO Meteorological Services of New Zealand, Ltd.

    Martin is a friend, a colleague, and a valued advisor. With honest simplicity and keen insight, he's leading business into the 21st century. The power of spirit illuminates his work.

    Jack Canfield,
    New York Times Best-Selling Co-Author

    of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

    Outstanding presentation . . . the interactive process was extremely effective. You succeeded in getting the participants to think in broader terms about their professional and personal goals. Congratulations! Many told us your seminar was the best presented by any organization on campus.

    Harvard Business School

    Martin Rutte's presentation was exquisitely well organized and very effective. I want to thank you for a clarification that I myself will be using as I talk to audiences about this topic - your statement that `spirituality is not about the answer, but the question.' That's brilliant.

    M. Scott Peck, M.D. Author/Lecturer

    Martin's penetrating insights as a speaker and consultant are solidly grounded in personal experience, not theory. It's been six months since his last engagement here, and people still rave about Martin's positive impact.

    Rick Blake, Senior HR Advisor Petro-Canada, Inc.

    In the end, there may not be a single definition to bring spirituality in the workplace. Even the experts say there are no answers. Martin Rutte, a leader of the spirituality-at-work movement, says it's about spirituality at work as the question, not the answer.

    Jennifer J. Laabs
    Personnel Journal

    Martin recognizes and utilizes what actually motivates people. He helped our group of 20 individuals, who barely knew each other, see each other as valued partners in achieving business success.

    Patrick R. Conner, M.D. Corporate Medical Director
    BASF Corporation