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To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Martin Rutte has provided consulting services to the Southern California Edison Company on several occasions over the past 3-4 years. Mr. Rutte specializes in:

Helping large corporations in areas of:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Establishing Visions and Goals
  3. Simplifying Management Processes
  4. Establishing focussed responsibility and competitive benchmarks to improve performance
  5. Restructuring and reorganizing to improve competitiveness.

Mr. Rutte brings a unique blend of analytic skills and intellectual capability that has enabled him to very quickly understand the problem and help clarify and formulate proposed solutions to extremely complex organizational and strategic planning issues. This is a key skill that has been of tremendous value in shaping Edison’s strategies in our Engineering, Planning, and Research Department, Corporate Strategy, and Gas Fuel business unit.

Mr. Rutte has utilized a unique technique called mind mapping which was recently highlighted in Fortune magazine to help senior executives think through complex business issues, identify the interrelationship between different elements, and offer an integrated solution for these problems. In contrast to other consulting efforts, Mr. Rutte is able to apply this unique capability in a very time effective manner, often over a period of a few days which provides a tremendous competitive and cost advantage in addressing these complex business issues.

I have personally worked with Mr. Rutte on at least four occasions in the last few years and in each instance his services have been exemplary. I believe he is an outstanding professional who brings to bear a special set of skills which is very difficult to find in one individual, or even within one organization.


Vice President

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