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Corporate Leadership Forum

a student organization of
The Harvard Business School

Dear Mr. Rutte:

The Corporate Leadership Forum has just completed its first year of existence. We are very pleased to announce that by all measures our year was a grand success. We ended the year with membership of over 100 students, which represents almost 7% of the student body. We have also established important links with the business community that has led to a very impressive list of speakers for the next year.

We feel that much of our success is due to your seminar Turning Your Vision Into Reality which you presented at HBS last September. Many students have told us that your seminar was the best presented by any organization on campus. This is a high compliment considering the many distinguished speakers that come to the Business School.

With this in mind, the new officers of CLF have decided that there is no better way to kick-off our speaker series for the ’85-86 academic year than to have you present Turning Your Vision Into Reality again. If you would agree, and your schedule permits, we would like to try to make your seminar the first event on campus for the new year. This would mean holding the seminar on September 14.

We hope we can add you to our list of confirmed speakers which includes: Frank Borman, President and CEO of Eastern Airlines; Shoichiro Irimajiri, President and CEO of Honda, USA; Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and Passion for Excellence. As you can see we are planning another very successful year.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Robert R. Nunn

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