Unleashing the Power of
    Spirituality in the Workplace

    Now YOU can open new doors to
    creativity, profitability and fulfillment!

    Your work climate may be growing increasingly dispirited and fearful due to layoffs, recessions, work relocating offshore, and having to do more with less. At the end of the day, you, like many managers, may worry about your own security and wonder how to revitalize your work force.

    If you're like most businesses today, your challenge is to address these uncertainties with a new spirit of resourcefulness, creativity and cooperation. Surveys show that today's employees want to speak out on these problems and contribute to innovative solutions.

    Martin Rutte's cutting edge presentation of Spirituality in the Workplace empowers you and your employees. It helps you to recognize and encourage the creative source in all of us and provides a deeper search for a spirited flow of new energy and innovative ideas.

    Spirituality in the Workplace promotes improved performance and fosters personal and corporate fulfillment. Your employees will begin to shift their work from just doing a job to making a meaningful contribution. When work becomes purposeful and focused, when individual's gifts are acknowledged and honored, a new spirit is unleashed in the workplace.

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    Why YOUR Organization Should Hear This Message

    • Revitalize and Renew Your Company Climate
      Access deeper meaning, creativity and fulfillment at work. Foster individual responsibility for the whole of the organization.

    • Discover the Benefits of Spirituality in the Workplace
      Be part of an organization which furthers a new appreciation of human values and brilliance. Learn to discuss issues openly without the conflicts of fear and dogma .

    • Create a Dynamic Future
      Increase intuitive thinking and the ability to envision the future. Nurture innovation in your company and improve overall performance.

      Call Forth a New Spirit with a Speech or Workshop on:

      • Livelihood: Growing Spirit at Work

      • Being in Business

      • The Renaissance of Spirit at Work

      • Creativity: The Path to Meaningful Action