Martin Rutte - spirituality in the workplace

Martin Rutte


    What Some Businesses Are Doing

    We are excited and inspired by the innovative and creative expression of spirituality in many companies. We hope you will share these “good news” excerpts with colleagues and friends. If you have any examples of how spirituality is positively effecting your business or organization, please contact us at Companies are beginning to recognize employees as whole human beings and are exploring the full range of their needs and desires. Conversations are emerging around spirituality and how to nurture its potential in both the individual and the company. One of the primary benefits of this type of dialogue is that people get more in touch with their creativity, a cornerstone of business, leading to new products and services and increased efficiency and productivity. Additional benefits include: more truthful and authentic communication, increased ethical and moral behavior, and the expression of our Divine gifts and inherent genius.

    One company has created a post for a poet laureate to stimulate creativity among its employees, while another company has formed a “soul committee” to find ways to improve workplace morale. “Chicken Soup Groups” have been showing up in companies such as Federal Express and Southwest Airlines, where employees come together to share stories, rediscover their common humanity, and co-create uplifting possibilities at work. Another corporation gives spirit awards annually to 50 employees who embody the ideals of encouraging creativity and seeking solutions rather than blame. When spirit is unleashed, potential outcomes are both inspiring and miraculous!

    Spiritual Unfoldment at the World Bank (from Chicken Soup for the Soul At Work)